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Hervey Bay - Gateway to Fraser Island \Heritage \ The Hervey Way

The Hervey Way

Image: The Hervey Way

 What makes Hervey bay a community

Apart From Hervey bays Advantageous Geographical Location, It‘s the spirit of the organisations in Hervey Bay such as HBCA Community access and it‘s strong religious faith keeps the faith love and knowledge for and throughout Hervey bay thriving.

What do we do in order to sustain community spirit

We‘ve taken a step right outside Hervey bay and from an above and beyond viewpoint, Hervey bay Org Australia are able to help providing a focal point of information to where all individuals, communities and organisations over time can benefit and collaborate from a non bias perspective thus mutual benefit is achieved along with a true sense of community spirit.
How is there area developed ( land forms) and how is everything placed. Being in the vanguard of the gateway to one of Australia‘s greatest destinations, the The Great Sandy Strait possesses World Heritage listed physical features including major sand islands (Fraser Island), sand masses (Cooloola), channels and river mouths, ecologically important land- and water-based habitats, and human culture. In keeping with World Heritage requirements the features are exemplary in significance and of global interest.

What are some new negatives about Hervey bay

Disadvantages: The smoothed unemployment rate for individuals between 25-44 Hervey Bay has been a small concern, however in time economic stimulation will bond and re-strengthen this slight fracture. 

In terms of social disadvantage Hervey Bay Pt B has above average concentrations of single-parents (13.9 per cent) and just over one-fifth of all families with dependent children have no employed parent. Unemployment is high at almost 16 per cent and the youth unemployment rate is 30 per cent and labour-force participation is below average at 55 per cent. Average wages and salaries are below average at $25,454 and there are almost ten times as many low-income households as high-income households. #Ref Monarch.edu.au

Herveybay Org Australia have addressed this by teaming up with Sportkin to promote sport throughout the city and it‘s satellite regions, Because a healthy mind and body is another gateway to peace and prosperity. Why Sport? because Sport is the thread which connect communities with opportunity. Hervey Org Australia have another plan which should bring more opportunity for individuals to work from home, and gain funding from all over the world and enhance the creativity of its recipients if the system becomes developed according to plan.

New positives about Hervey bay

The new hospital will not only introduce new clinical services and specialists to the area, with more complex medical and surgical care,but also will showcase what is possible to the world and will bring more and more employment to the local resendents of hervey bay. 
Hervey Bay connection to royalty, A new exhibit will open at Hervey Bay Historical Museum showing the region‘s connection to royalty.

What is your favourite part about Hervey bay?

As an outsider Our favourite geographical part of Hervey bay is the lovely sandy straights with crystal blue water, but our favourite part of Havery bay truly is the the aura and feel of the community spirit which exists like no other place in Australia (to the best of our knowledge) What is your favourite part about Hervey bay?


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